Quality Indonesian Highland Tea for Canadians
Walini Tea is now available at 500 grocery stores nationwide

March 23, 2022, Vancouver, BC — Canadians can now enjoy the unique taste of Indonesian highland tea in the comfort of their own home! Walini Tea, a household Indonesian tea brand since 1998, is available at 500 grocery stores across Canada and online via Archipelago Marketplace.

Made from tea leaves grown at 800m-2000m above sea level, Walini Tea products offer strong flavour, distinctive character and excellent taste. Walini Tea has its own tea plantation and processing operation that sees the tea leaves be processed directly from the farm into the finished product. It ensures consistency in quality and standards, as well as the preservation of the freshness and health benefits of the tea, including catechin and other polyphenolic content that are powerful antioxidants.

“We are thrilled to bring Walini Tea to Canada,” says Liza Wajong, Co-Founder of Archipelago Marketplace, the authorized agent for Walini Tea in North America. “Archipelago strives to offer Canadians an authentic taste of Indonesian culture, and Walini Tea makes a great addition to our line-up of exciting, high quality products.”

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Archipelago Pop-up Store
Archipelago Pop-up Store

Sharing A Taste of Indonesia with Canada While Helping Home Country to Thrive

Canadian-Indonesian Entrepreneurs Introduce Authentic, Fair-Trade Products to Canada

December 3, 2020, Vancouver, BC — Canadian-Indonesian entrepreneurs are looking to introduce unique and interesting Indonesian products to Canada while supporting the livelihood of Indonesian producers back home. Archipelago Marketplace Inc. is set to open its online store on Amazon as well as its pop-up shop in Vancouver’s historic Gastown at Indonesian Promotion Trade Centre (ITPC) on December 10, 2020.

“We curate and deliver unique and high quality products directly from Indonesia to homes in North America,” says Liza Wajong, Co-Founder of Archipelago. “Each product contains a piece of the Indonesian culture that we proudly represent and we can’t wait to share with Canada.”

Named after Indonesia’s unique geographic makeup of many islands, the concept of Archipelago was driven by the devastating economic impact from the global COVID-19 pandemic. Liza and David Gunawan, Archipelago’s other Co-Founder, wanted to support the small and medium sized businesses back in their home country Indonesia, but also recognized a gap in authentic Indonesian products in Canada. Naturally, Liza and David became the bridge and the idea of a marketplace was formed.

Up to 70 products will be available at Archipelago’s Amazon store and the local pop-up store in Vancouver, ranging from coffee to tea, to snacks and food seasoning, to cassava flour, coconut sugar and vanilla. Shoppers will find products such as:

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